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Our experienced loan officers make sure that you are making the right decision in your mortgage by giving you the attention and information needed to ensure a successful and timely closing. We know that the best results for one of life’s biggest decisions cannot be left to just anyone – at LBL Mortgage we take this responsibility very seriously


LBL Mortgage is an independent mortgage company. Unlike mortgage banking companies who only have one place to quote a customer’s interest rate, we have over 20 lenders who compete daily to be the lowest on rates and fees. That’s how we win the business of our customers!

In other words, LBL Mortgage doesn’t just have one pond to fish out of, we have an ocean of lenders all vying to offer the best deal! It’s good to be a small fish in a big ocean!

LBL Mortgage

Five Reasons Why LBL Mortgage

Should Be Your Choice For Your Next Purchase Or Refinancing Needs!

Smaller means lower interest rates for our customers. Period.

Independent means we find the best deals for our customer, not just what’s best for a corporate lender’s bottom line.

Local means we’re hands on, we know your area, we know your home value, and we know what it takes to get your loan done quickly and painlessly.

Confidence is what LBL Mortgage has when it comes to offering the lowest rates and fees in the industry, bar none.  That’s why many of our customers return for their lending needs.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of LBL Mortgage.  With almost 20 years in the mortgage industry, it allows us to advise our customers of what is best for their unique, individual mortgage needs.

We strive to make sure that your mortgage process is simple and stress free

Hear What People are Saying

Our Customer's Opinion Matters

Deb D

Wow! Excellent, knowledgeable service received from broker, Lauren Boland! She is diligent, savvy and professional. What I appreciate is her watchful eye on rates and lender promos which she shares to better your rates. We were extremely pleased with her communication and will use her again now that rates are dropping.

Francine J

I needed someone to talk about my recent real estate transaction that did not go well. I came across Lauren and decided to give her a call and she answered. That was definitely a plus. I was so use to the opposite, voice mail. Lauren listened to my story, and was willing to review my information. Thank you Lauren.

Agnieszka A

The great thing about LBL Mortgage is that you get personalized service straight from the owner. Rather than getting passed around a department in a large bank, you get one on one contact and the loan that is right for your unique situation. Lauren has almost two decades of experience in the mortgage industry, and as an independent broker she can beat any rate. And on top of that, she is a really cool person and fun to work with!

J C.

When my parents ended up in a difficult financial predicament, we ended up turning to LBL Mortgage, and I’m so glad we did. Their reverse mortgage processed smoothly and closed on time. Better yet, Lauren was not only available to them to offer impeccable service, but was great in answering all of my questions and counseling me on issues so that I would know best how to take care of them in the future.

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