Become a Loan Officer With Us!

Become a Loan Officer With Us!
We are looking for team members who have experience and are looking for a new home.  As a Broker and not a "Mortgage Banker" our rates are better and our commissions are higher!

-48 Hour Pay
-1099 not W2
-Almost 20 Lenders to Choose From
-Comp plans from 1.5 - 2.75 you pick
-We are paperless and you can work from home
-Close your loans in as little as 15 days with some lenders
-Close loans in a tight rate market and double what you make at your current lender!

Call 562-294-4800 to find out more and get pricing to see how much you can make email

**You must have a California State NMLS license and California Bureau Of Real Estate License.  You must hang your license with LBL Mortgage to be eligible for all listed above. You must be an experienced LO who can prove closings in your name.  We want closers not a hand holder!**

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